What is an I.P. Address? (What is TCP/IP?)

TCP/IP is an acronym referring to the individual protocols used to communicate over the network: Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and Internet Protocol (IP).

IP packets are the electronic packages of data that the various resources on the network use to communicate. Any device that can send and receive an IP packet on the network is considered a host. Computers and printers are usually hosts.

The IP address contains information that identifies the network segment and the specific host number.

How do I find my I.P. Address?

  • On your printer's front panel use the arrow down button to highlight Printer Identification
  • Press the large round "OK" button
  • Use the arrow down button to highlight I.P. Address:

    NOTE: For the WorkCentre C2424 follow these instructions
  • On your machine’s front panel press the “System Setup” button.
  • Press the arrow button to highlight Select Information and press the “Enter” button.
  • Press the down arrow to highlight System Identification and press “Enter”.
  • Press the down arrow to highlight I.P. Address:

Read more about TCP/IP here

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